LED Light Therapy- Neurolite

Skin disorders and pain in body parts has become a common scenario in every household today. To cater to the problem of skin disorders (psoriasis/dry skin/ scars/marks/skin patches) LED Light Therapy had given amazing results beyond expectation. However, in the present times this therapy not only effective in treating the skin orders but it has been scientifically proved that this therapy can even handle issues of pain in body parts ( joint pans/neck pains/ low back pain) very efficiently. This therapy comes handier for patients with a diabetic neuropathy. This therapy has proven results for being an effective wound healer & curing the ulcers much faster in the diabetic patients. The concept is when the light falls on the body; the exposure rejuvenates the cells which are damaged by stimulating the blood circulation & the oxygen supply in the entire wound area.

The products of this therapy are not too complicated but simple electronic gadgets. They hit the market after being manufactured by leading companies who are primarily into diabetic foot care indigenously. The diodes which emit light emit them at a particular desired wave length range and is conveniently made to be exposed to the pain/affected area of the patients. The light penetrates through the skin & thereafter stimulates all the tissues in the region so that the blood circulation is improved efficiently which also means that sufficient oxygen is supplied to the tissues. The products are also made in such a way which makes them user friendly and of a light weight along with a battery backup and a portable facility. This gives the patient a convenience to use them at their home/office without any hiccups.

led light therapy

Another significant reason behind the increasing demand for this LED Light Therapy amongst the diabetic neuropathy patients and the entire medical field is that this method of treatment has no reported side effects. In a few cases it has been reported that the patient is having complications like ulcers/ digestive track disorders due to continuous use of pain killers.

Diabetic neuropathy is a well known complicated syndrome which not only affects the body severely but also causes numbness/pain in various body parts with special target on the foot region. The pain management and eradication is the only method wherein the patient can be given some relief and therefore this Therapy serves as a very effective technique of treatment. It has proved itself beyond doubt as an efficient technique for pain management even in case of chronic patients. The products are pocket friendly and require a very low maintenance and therefore are preferred by the customers who serve from various disorders which are extremely painful for them. This therapy is often compared to the Infrared therapy. Though they are both on the same page but LED Light therapy has been considered more effective by specialists.