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Doctors need not search anywhere they can get best products in Vascular Doppler’s and ABI systems from us.

Now doctors need not look anywhere else for all their needs to diagnose their patients. They can get precise result using our products. We offer a range of products that can improve your patients foot health. We are providing products which are easy to operate and they are affordable for long use. You can successfully use many of our foot care products to relieve patients from their pain and suffering. Diabetic Patients who are suffering from Ulcers/neuropathy. You can give them relief from their pain by using our versatile products so that patients are highly benefited from your treatment.

Our range of Vascular products include

Abi Vascular Doppler

Hand held Doppler

It can be used successfully to find out the vascular deficiency that arises in patients due to blockage of blood vessels that can be extremely dangerous. It can cause non curable ulcers and may result in amputations. Our hand held Doppler come with latest features where you can successfully diagnose patients for 

  • their arterial deficiencies.
  • Ankle Brachial Index.
  • Facilitates you to change the 2-3MHZ transducer options.
  • Superior sound quality SSQ Audio output.
  • Long life in testing period when you use alkaline cells.
  • It is very handy and portable.
  • Best product for the precise results.

Vascular Doppler

It is another well known medical equipment capably engineered with high quality raw materials using latest technology with skillful engineering to produce unbeatable quality in medical equipment's. With precision and quality our products are quite affordable. They are extremely popular in medical fraternity. Our Vascular Doppler system features

  • Complete digitalization.
  • PPG to measure toe pressure.
  • Special cuffs are supplied with manometer to measure the ankle brachial index.
  • Penile flow study.
  • LCD screen to facilitate good readability.
  • USB port option that can be successfully used to connect.
  • Facilitate the print out option with A4 size paper.
  • Extremely light weight.
  • Affordable cost .
  • Easy and portable .
  • Matches with international standards and specifications.
  • Easy to operate and complete parameters are displayed on screen .
  • Storage options facilitating further study.

Circulation Products: Ankle brachial index is another non evasive testing tool that can facilitate to test ankle pressure and brachial systolic pressure. Patients suffering from calcified and hardened lower extremity arterial walls cannot be tested using this as it can produce false readings.

Two more types are available for doctors to check the

Toe –Brachial Index

TCP02: ( Transcutaneous oxygen monitoring) SPP (skin perfusion pressure) allows you to identify the specific information relative to leg ischemia, wound healing potential, optimal amputation level and incision site determination for lower extremities.

SSP: It is an alternative used for TCP used to assess skin capillary blood pressure, by using laser Doppler and pressure cuff in combination.

One can refer our website for all types of vascular Doppler system and we supply our quality products at affordable price range. Durability and precision reading helps you to decide accurately mode of treatment for your patients.

Our range of products include in Vascular Doppler system to know circulation includes

  • ABI Vascular Doppler.
  • Automated ABI Index Vascular.
  • Hand held Doppler.
  • PC based Vascular Doppler recorder (LE and DX types) .
  • Automated AB index PC based vascular Doppler recorder.
  • TCOM Monitor.

All our products are manufactured with utmost care as we understand the needs of medical industry and necessity to get correct and precise readings. We help in curing your patients so that you can achieve 100% success to relieve your patients from pain and suffering.