Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy System Analyser - CANS 504

Doctors can successfully use our products in cardiac autonomic Neuropathy testing. Our products offer accurate testing results. Our products enables you to test the conditions where there is a severe damage to the autonomic nerves connected to heart and blood vessels. The abnormal conditions and palpitations of heart increases the risk of heart attacks.

CAN (popular known as CAN for cardiac autonomic neuropathy) occurs due to diabetic conditions of patients affecting the health of the heart. Our products will help you to diagnose patients who are suffering from diabetic pushing them towards cardiovascular diseases like cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy damaging autonomic nerve fibers that affects the blood vessels connecting to heart.

cardiac autonomic neuropathy testing

Doctors can identify the abnormalities in heart beats and they can identify the vascular dynamics easily and accurately by using Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy system Analyzer popularly known as CAN in medical terminology. Its versatile features can make doctors feel comfortable in using the instrument to detect variation of the heart rates and other disorders connected with diabetic patients.

The instrument is versatile and can be used for

  • To check the autonomic nervous system for both parasympathetic and sympathetic components that can give you exact details so that you can come to immediate conclusions.
  • It provides detailed results with a fine degree of control over the targeted organs

It is fully automatic: Since it is fully automatic it eliminates the strain of manual operations and accurate results can be obtained leaving no room for manual errors.

In case of testing parasympathetic symptoms doctors can effectively use this instrument to read

  • Resting ECG/resting heart rate
  • Deep breathing
  • Comparison of co-efficient variation
  • Inhalation and exhalation ratio comparison

In standing position it enables doctors to check the variation and ratio of 30:15 can be checked out effectively.

Valsalva Maneuver can be conducted to know the ratio of the coefficient variation.

In Sympathetic nervous system the diagnose is important to find out the mounting responses and other reactions to stimuli physically and psychologically. Therefore our products helps you to check the other parameters such as

Resting BP, BP immediately after standing, BP after standing at definite intervals of time, fall in systolic BP can be measured at postural Hypotension.

You can measure the parameters such as resting BP, BP after sustained handgrip, increase in diastolic BP can be measure in Sustained handgrip.

Doctors can successfully arrive at conclusions by interpreting the parasympathetic functions, sympathetic functions, and Cardiac autonomic neuropathy functions

Versatile use: Our product is versatile to use with modular designing and providing easy use for all specified functions enabling the doctors to finish complete checking within no time. Our product can cut down the diagnosis time and it can provide efficient output results so that you can arrive to a decisions based on the reading you get out from parasympathetic functions, sympathetic functions, and Cardiac autonomic neuropathy functions. It is simple and effective for using and its designing provides easy location. You can use it in almost all places without any tension.

International standards: All our products meet international standards in manufacturing medical equipments so that whatever reading you can get will be accurate and precise. All products are manufactured for long use and we provide prompt service and after sales maintenance service for our esteemed clients. We assure you prompt and timely delivery once we receive your orders. Quality and durability are the specialty of our products.